Public Transport to the Start of the March for Life

If you can avoid the parking hassle and travel by public transport. Wellington has a good public transport system of buses and trains.

Train lines coming into Wellington Railway Station are:

• Upper Hutt Line
• Kapiti Line
• Johnsonville Line
On Saturdays the trains leave the first stations (Upper Hutt, Waikanae and Johnsonville) every 30 minutes – e.g. 12:00; 12:30; 1:00.

Length of Journey

The following times are from the first station to Wellington Railway Station (Wellington City).
• From Upper Hutt – 45 minute travel time (Alternatively from Lower Hutt catch Bus 83 for a direct ride)
• From Waikanae – 60 minute travel time
• From Johnsonville – 23 minute travel time (Alternatively catch Bus 1 for a direct ride)

From Wellington Railway Station to Civic Centre

It is approximately a 20 minute walk from Wellington Railway Station to The Civic Centre where the March for Life begins.

A 7 minute bus ride can be taken from Wellington Railway Station. The buses take you to within a 3 minute walk of the Civic Centre Square.

Once you arrive at the Railway Station walk to the bus stops. Some bus options are:

From Stop 5500. Stop A
Bus 83 (Eastbourne-Lower Hutt-Petone-Wellington) Leaving 12:27 pm; 12:57 pm; 1:27 pm; 1:57 pm
Bus 1 (Johnsonville West-Churton Park-Grenada Village-Island Bay)

The bus ride is only 10 minutes from buses at the Railway Station to Willbank Courts.

Get off all the buses at Stop 5510 Willis Street Willbank Courts and walk 3 minutes across the Civic Square on Victoria Street.

To Make Your Own Journey Plan

To make your own journey plan or to find buses from other areas of Wellington go to  and insert your details in the PLAN box.