Code of Conduct

As organisers of this large annual event, it’s our prerogative to ensure a family friendly and peaceful March for Life environment. We ask all who are participating in the March to agree to our Code of Conduct.

Be mindful that children are present

Remember we are a family-friendly event and we ask that you be sensitive to the children present. Although graphic images are a valuable witness to the horrific reality of abortion, because there are many young children present, they are not appropriate in this instance. Therefore graphic images of abortion victims are not to be used.


Please allow our designated security (who will be wearing orange high-vis vests) to address any issues with counter-protestors or members of the public.

Road Safety

Please be road safe and follow the Marshalls (who will be wearing yellow high-vis vests) instructions at all times as buses and cars are still using opposite lanes. 

Pro-Life Messaging

Participants are encouraged to make their own positive and life-affirming banners and signs. Please keep messaging strictly related to the Pro-Life stance on the Abortion issue and not broader personal political stances.


The use of the official March for Life logo on locally produced material is strictly by permission only. Please feel free to use your own logos and organisational branding. 

Do not condemn

Please remember we are not marching to condemn anyone. We are marching to uphold the dignity of the human person and remember the lives of the more than 500,000 pre-born babies who have been aborted. We march too for mothers, fathers and other families who are also wounded by their abortion experiences. This is a positive celebratory event, so we encourage you to come in the spirit of love, joy, and peace. Let us be known by what we are for, not only for what we are against.

First Aid

First Aid is available for anyone in need. Please see the stall at civic square or while on the march approach a March for Life team member who will be wearing a high-vis vest to locate the first aid kit for you. For any medical emergencies please call 111. 


This is a peaceful event and we expect all participants to abide by the law. Harassment, verbal and/or physical abuse or anti-social behaviour is not welcome.

Keep our New Zealand clean

When the March for Life has concluded at Parliament Grounds, please take your signs and balloons with you, or place them in a rubbish bin nearby. If the ones in your close proximity are full please continue walking until you find a bin with enough room to dispose of your rubbish sensibly.

Handling pro-abortion activists

Pro-abortion activists can sometimes be rude, irrational, and insulting, in order to provoke a negative reaction from pro-lifers. If you encounter this, please don’t stoop to their level. Most of the time they don’t want a meaningful dialogue – but they only want to insult you with one-liners, and try to turn it into a shouting match. But that’s not what the pro-life movement is about. Put on a smile, and pray for those who may throw insults your way.


There is likely to be a media presence at the event. The unfortunate reality is that mainstream media do not always report in a balanced manner because many agree with abortion. As a result, they can sometimes quote individuals out of context, to purposefully misrepresent the pro-life movement. If you are approached by the media, please direct them to our media spokesperson Amie Kaufman who will be wearing a high-vis vest and name tag at the March. 


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