You can experience many emotions when you think you might be, or have just found out, you are pregnant.  You might feel happy, excited, scared, angry, pressured or trapped.  You might feel a mix of these emotions.

It’s very normal to feel all these things.  What you feel today may not be the same in a few days time.  It can be overwhelming to realise that everything is about to change!

There are many places you can turn to throughout New Zealand to discuss your options and find support during this time of your life.

This list is not exhaustive.   The services highlighted here are independent of the March for Life.


Gianna’s Choice Pregnancy Options and Support – Text 027 448 80 70
If you think you’re pregnant, you may have lots of questions.  You may be feeling overwhelmed, confused and unsure what to do.  You are not alone.  At Gianna’s Choice we are able to talk with you about all your options, arrange a free ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy.  Through our Gianna’s Choice Centres in Auckland and Wellington and our Mobile Centre, we are able to offer the following support:

  • free pregnancy tests
  • support after an adverse prenatal diagnosis
  • practical help
  • adoption information
  • post abortion recovery programmes
  • life skills and parenting programmes

Pregnancy Counselling Services – 0800 773 462
Pregnancy Counselling Services are there to help, to listen and support you if you are distressed about a current pregnancy or a past abortion.  They are an independent agency that offers accurate information about your options and balanced counselling as you weigh these up.  The service is free, confidential and available 24/7.


0800 U Choose 
Is an Auckland based family who can support you throughout your pregnancy. This might include finding a place to stay, educating on pregnancy and fetal development, practical care such as clothing and baby items, financial support including budgeting services, and looking at schooling options.  Phone Janine for more information.


Pregnancy Choice – 0800 773 424 – Text 027 222 8871
Pregnancy Choice is a Tauranga based support service.  You may just need to talk to someone and get some advice, or you might like to take up the offer of a free pregnancy test.  Pregnancy Choice will help you think through your options, and there are practical ways they can help as well.


House of Grace – 0800 920 5667
The House of Grace is a home for pregnant teens. A place to live, learn, prepare for childbirth and make plans for a bright future.


Crisis Pregnancy Support – 0800 004 277
Crisis Pregnancy Support works by:

  • Empowering women to explore ways of overcoming both real and perceived barriers to continuing their pregnancy.
  • Giving caring and practical support. When necessary financial support can be accessed through a trust in Wellington.
  • Helping to find emergency accommodation when a women needs a space free from pressure to reflect and explore her feelings.


0508 Here 4 U Pregnancy Centre – 0508 437 348
A Christchurch pregnancy centre that offers support and care to any woman facing an unplanned or crisis-pregnancy – a listening ear and practical support as you navigate what can be an extremely difficult and emotionally demanding situation.

Their caring team is ready to provide support and someone to talk to, and their help is free and totally confidential.

If you live in Christchurch and you, or someone you know and love is facing an unplanned or difficult pregnancy, then please call them. They are always available to listen and to talk through the issues you are facing.

The 0508 HERE 4 U Pregnancy Centre is run by a team committed to helping any woman, couple or family who is alone, scared or uncertain about their pregnancy.


If you have had an abortion you may be experiencing a number of emotions including relief, anger, sadness, hope.

Sometimes women are surprised to find difficult emotions surfacing many years later.

There are many places that offer women confidential help and emotional healing after an abortion.  They are always willing to listen and offer non-judgmental support during your journey.

Many of the organisations above are able to offer support.  You can also contact the following places:

Buttons Project

Post-Abortion Trauma Healing Service (PATHS)
0800 728 470

Project Rachel 
0800 367 5433

Rachel’s Vineyard

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