We encourage everyone who has a pro-life heart to participate and make the March for Life their own.  Some official banners and positive signs will be available for you to hold on Saturday 3 December 2022.  They will be available to pick up at the Civic Centre.

Participants are encouraged to make their own positive and life-affirming banners and signs.

Remember we are a family-friendly event and we ask that you be sensitive to the children present. Although graphic images are a valuable witness to the horrific reality of abortion, because there are many young children present, they are not appropriate in this instance.

The use of the official March for Life logo on locally produced material is strictly by permission only.  Please feel free to use your own logos and organisational branding.

Please remember we are not marching to condemn anyone.  We are marching to uphold the dignity of the human person from conception and their right to life. 

We lament the fact that abortion is legal in New Zealand and remember the lives of the more than 500,000 (creeping up to almost 600,000) pre-born babies who have been aborted. We march too for mothers, fathers and other families who are also wounded by their abortion experiences.  We want abortion to be unthinkable in New Zealand.

At the end of the March for Life, please take your sign with you, or place in a rubbish bin.


  • Life empowers women
  • Women shouldn’t have to choose between the life of their child and fulfilling their dreams
  • We love them both
  • Life, the greatest gift a mother can give
  • True feminism protects life
  • pro-woman, pro-love, pro-life
  • Equal rights for unborn women
  • Women’s rights begin at conception


  • A person’s a person no matter how small ~ Dr Seuss
  • As a former foetus I oppose abortion
  • Smile your mum chose life!
  • A child, not a choice
  • Abortion.  The worst child abuse
  • Unborn lives matter
  • Pro-life:  the radical idea that babies are people
  • Pro-woman, pro-child, pro-life


  • I regret my abortion
  • I regret my lost fatherhood


  • One pregnancy.  Two heartbeats.
  • Abortion.  One heart stops another heart breaks.
  • Lest we forget!  Half a million Kiwis are missing.
  • If something is so horrifying that we need to turn away, then perhaps we should not be tolerating it.


  • Adoption is a loving option
  • Proud and blessed to be adopted
  • I thank my birth mum for giving me life!
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