Who should come to the March for Life?

Rome March for Life

The March for Life is this Saturday and perhaps you are wondering if it is for you!  There is still time to decide to come to Wellington.

There will be people of all ages, ethnicities, religions, walks of life and political viewpoints in attendance and there are many reasons why they will take part.

Those who love life:  People who recognises that life begins at conception and deserves to be protected is certain to come.

Those who want to celebrate life:  Life is a gift worth celebrating.  many who came close to being aborted are thankfully alive today.  Come and affirm their lives and celebrate with or for them!

Those who have compassion for the wounded:  Many will march conscious of mothers, fathers and abortion workers suffering the after-effects of abortion.  Come and march for all the victims of abortion.

Those who want to remember:  Some who have lost their child, grandchild, sibling, niece, nephew or cousin to abortion will march for them.  Everyone marching will be mindful of the 500,000 unborn Kiwi children lost to abortion.

Those who uphold non-violence and justice:  The right to life is the fundamental right and all other human rights hinge on this initial right.  Many will march in the hope that one day soon our government will recognise and protect life from conception to natural death.

Those who esteem the dignity of women:  A truly loving society will always try to find life affirming solutions for women.  Come and march to show women love and support.

While the message is a serious one, we will march in a spirit of joy because life is a precious gift and in a spirit of hope because love and truth will win out.

by Clare McClean
Image:  Rome March for Life 2017





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