Life the only fight that really counts

David Light

“The only fight that really counts is the fight of love and for life”, David Light told the crowd gathered at Parliament for the first National March for Life on Saturday.

David, an accomplished boxer and Commonwealth Games silver medalist spoke of his father’s sacrifices to raise his children after his wife died shortly after giving birth to triplets, their first children.

His father made further sacrifices, when many years later, David and his brother, both unplanned, came along.  “It cost him a lot” David related.  “It cost him his business and he had to start again.”

David told of his gratefulness for his father’s sacrifice so that he could be here.

Sacrifice, David explained, is what is needed for this fight.  He urged everyone present to make sacrifices “for the fight that counts.”

As David concluded his speech, he stated “I would trade every single one of my medals… to save one of those 500,000 of our brothers and sisters that have been tragically lost.”

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