Remembering half a million lives lost to abortion: Gordon Copeland

Speaking on Parliament Grounds on Saturday 9th December, Gordon Copeland, former MP, told the large crowd that the March for Life was a “commemoration of the 500,000 ended by abortion.”

He also acknowledged that there are people missing, “thousands who could have been born, but who never will be” because their parents were aborted.

“Who keeps their memory alive?” He asked.

Copeland urged change to the abortion law.  He made specific mention of outlawing coercion.  “They believe in free choice, but coercion is not a free choice” he stated.

He also noted that mandatory counselling should be required.  Counselling which addresses alternatives such as adoption and fully discloses the mental and health issues of abortion.

The current push to liberalise abortion laws by removing it from the Crimes Act “would be madness” he stated.

Noting that abortion is a criminal offense only when two certifying consultants have not approved, he stated that only “unlawful abortionists” can be prosecuted.

“The Crimes Act already specifically exempts the woman or child who has the abortion from criminality.”

He urged those present to work towards ensuring the proposal is dropped.

Gordon’s final remarks were those of encouragement.  “Never, ever give up on your fight against abortion” he said.

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