Ending abortion means we must walk the talk: Michelle Kaufman

Michelle Kaufman

Standing in for her mother, Dame Colleen Bayer, DSG, Michelle Kaufman, the Director of Family Life International NZ thanked the crowd for their efforts to protect the great gift of life from conception.

She recalled that the last March in defense of human life in the streets of Wellington occurred in 1974.  The witness of pro-life heroes such as Professor Liley, Ruth Kirk (the wife of New Zealand’s 29th Prime Minister, Norman Kirk), Dr Dunn and many others was not in vain she declared.

The witness of those who have been before has inspired many people to live the pro-life message.

“I know that you are here, not because this is a one-off thing, that you just decided to do” said Kaufman.  “You are here because you live the pro-life message and you live it every day of your lives.”

She thanked those present for opening their homes to pregnant women, giving their time, resources and for witnessing outside of abortion facilities.

“If we want to end abortion in this country, then we have to walk the talk” she stated.  “You know that, that is why you have come today.”

Kaufman concluded by encouraging everyone to stand together “May no woman ever feel alone or a need to have an abortion because she feels like it’s her only choice” she said.

“Every life, matters… we care… we will support no matter what, for how long.  Because that is what we do as a community and as a people of life and a people of hope.”

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