March for Life – “We Love Them Both”

Teenage girls lead the March for Life

Hundreds of families will be joining together to march to Parliament Grounds from the Civic Centre on Saturday 8th December at 2pm for the March For Life 2018.

Since 1974, when the first abortion facility opened in Auckland, more than 500,000 unborn New Zealanders have been aborted; countless women have been wounded physically, emotionally and spiritually; and families have been affected.

With the Government wanting to liberalise abortion laws, and remove abortion – and important restrictions on late-term abortions – from the Crimes Act (despite the fact that it involves the taking of a life), this gathering of families to celebrate life will send an important message about the value of life and the unborn child.

Those who argue for the decriminalisation of abortion do so by prioritising the right of the pregnant woman to self-determination regarding decisions affecting her own body. The right of the unborn child to life, even the humanity of the unborn baby must be considered secondary, or denied entirely, for this point of view to hold. To remove legislation about abortion from the criminal code and insert it to the health code is to equate a procedure to remove an unborn baby with a procedure to remove an appendix. This, again, is to deny the humanity of the baby.

New Zealanders love both women and their unborn children, and we want the law to reflect that love.

The March will be a hope-filled, family-friendly, national march for life. There will be speeches at Parliament Grounds.

The March For Life is being supported by a number of national family organisations including Family Life International, Voice for Life, Family First, Right to Life, NZ Christian Network, Focus on the Family, Promise Keepers, NZ Catholic Bishops Conference, Hillary’s Law, and the John Paul II Centre for Life Christchurch.

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