Since 2017, we’ve been coming together to March for Life in our nation’s capital.  In 2021, due to Covid restrictions, our National March for Life looked a little different. 

WATCH the recording of our online event below.

You’ll hear from:

  • Jeanne Macini – President of March for Life (USA)
  • Ryan Bomberger – Founder of Radiance Foundation (USA)
  • Heidi Crowter – Down Syndrome Advocate (UK)
  • Rebecca Gosper – LifeChoice Australia (AUS)

Plus, listen to courageous speeches at Parliament by young women passionate about defending pre-born babies and supporting their mums!

And… be entertained by Mother of Divine Mercy Youth, learn more about the problem of abortion in New Zealand, and find out who won the various competitions held prior to the March for Life Online event.

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National March for Life 2021 Online Promo Video

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