Education gives people reasons to stand for life

Pregnant woman with 4D ultrasound

One of the goals of the March for Life is to educate people about the humanity of the pre-born child, the harmful effects abortion can have on women and the generous services available in the community to support women and families through situations that may lead them to believe there is no other option than abortion.

Education is one of the many important tools in this great work to protect, defend and love life.  Because people tend to revert to emotion and selfish rhetoric when it comes to abortion, we must constantly keep exposing the truth in love.

During the March for Life we will be handing out the information below revealing the beauty of nascent human life, exposing the harm abortion does to women and explaining exactly what the law currently allows.

Click on the images to download a printable pdf.

Reasons to stand for life

Reasons to stand for life


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