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US March for Life crowd 2018

President Trump: March for Life a movement born out of love

Every year, for 45 years, near the anniversary of Roe v Wade, crowds of people make a pilgrimage to the United States Capital, Washington DC, to March for Life.  This year was no exception, with what some are calling a record-breaking turn out of hundreds of thousands. The organisers describe the March as the “largest annual human rights demonstration in…

Love them both

March for Life highlights support for pregnant women

New Zealanders from all over the country will March for Life in Wellington this Saturday to mark the passing of the Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act 40 years ago.  In addition, organisers wish to express to politicians and the nation that significant support is available within the community for women who face an unexpected pregnancy. The March for Life begins…

Pregnant woman with 4D ultrasound

Education gives people reasons to stand for life

One of the goals of the March for Life is to educate people about the humanity of the pre-born child, the harmful effects abortion can have on women and the generous services available in the community to support women and families through situations that may lead them to believe there is no other option than abortion. Education is one of…